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The best types of women's sports.. Practice it for better health.
mamasmil 30 September 2022
Sports help improve both physical and mental health, as well as a tight figure and perfect body. Exercise also helps prevent chronic diseas...
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Types of sports suitable for women after the age of 40.
mamasmil 02 August 2021
    The body weakens with age, and its functioning is reduced, but mitigating the effects of time on public health is possible and easy thro...
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Fruit is better in the morning than coffee for activity and vitality, so what is it?
mamasmil 15 June 2021
   Coffee is known as one of the excellent stimulants we like to drink early in the morning after waking up to start our day with vitality a...
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Do we really lose our fitness quickly after stopping sports?
mamasmil 16 May 2021
  Getting fit takes effort and time, but we lose it quickly once we stop exercising. In this report, published by The Conversation, Austra...
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Banana Diet The Secret of Japanese Agility
mamasmil 09 March 2021
  Bananas have wholesale benefits, but what about the banana diet that has been known in Japan for more than a decade, noting that there is ...
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What are the recommendations for balanced nutrition to reach a proper weight ?
mamasmil 04 March 2021
  "A sound human eating routine is an approach to convey our food to every day slims down, to be a reasonable and solid eating regimen,...
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Celebrity Dieting Programs
mamasmil 02 March 2021
  Many people, especially teenagers, follow celebrity diets. According to a study, one in 10 individuals admitted to having suffered adverse...
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Weight gain due to lack of sleep. The problem and the solution
mamasmil 02 March 2021
  With different lifestyles and increased stress and nervous tension some people suffer from lack of sleep, leading to weight gain, scientis...
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The most popular dieting systems in 2020
mamasmil 02 March 2021
  In 2020, dieting systems were popular among celebrities and ranked first in social media search, so what are the most popular dieting syst...
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How do you start the diet? Here are the steps.
mamasmil 01 March 2021
  It is known that the goal of dieting is to lose weight and maintain agility. To ensure the success of the diet, and not to gain weight aga...
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Supertea sire in fat burning and cellulite removal
mamasmil 28 February 2021
  Many women are looking for the best treatments to eliminate cellulite in the body, as well as burning stubborn fat that causes discomfort ...
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How does coffee help you lose weight?
mamasmil 27 February 2021
    Coffee is one of many favorite beverages, it plays a big role in weight loss.  The world's population consumes more than 160 milli...
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