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6 Benefits for Onions, Get To Know Them

 Onions are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to human health, great food that can benefit your body if you keep consuming them daily.

Touch the site "Genial" Spanish to the changes that can occur in your body if you include onions in your diet.

 1- Increased bone density
 Eating an onion daily for a month increases bone density by 5% compared to those who don't like it.


2- Lowering cholesterol and maintaining heart health
 Onions reduce bad cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein LDL), and low cholesterol can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, thereby keeping your heart healthy.

 3- Facilitate digestion
 Onions are rich in fiber that speed up digestion and increase the production of so-called "good bacteria" in the intestines.

 4- Reducing cell damage and increasing antioxidants
 Onions contain 25 different types of antioxidants that are beneficial to our bodies. Antioxidants not only protect us from certain diseases but also prevent cell damage.


5- Improving your sense of sight
 Onions contain quercetin, which fights cataracts and maintains eye health.

 6- Fighting to age and promoting skin health
 Onions can help you get glowing, flawless skin, because it is rich in vitamins A, A, C, and E, and reduces acne.

 In conclusion, these tips are general, and only for guidance, and are not a substitute for consulting a doctor, eating a healthy diet, and enjoying physical activity.