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Believe it or not. That's what love does to your body.

Everyone knows that love makes us feel good, but did you know that there are real scientific reasons behind it? Here are some of the most amazing and scientifically proven effects that love has on your mind and body.

Love takes care of your heart.

 Studies indicate that love expressions cut your heart rate by half. This is more effective in stressful situations and reduces the risk of long-term heart disease.

 Besides, oxytocin, known as the love hormone and believed to be one of the most amazing molecules in the world, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces regular and social anxiety promotes self-esteem and helps us avoid and fight depression.

 Love helps your body fight the disease

 The website stated that love-related movements, such as hand-holding, increase the production of endorphins, which in turn boosts our immune system. Similarly, people with physical conditions and surrounded by love have a better treatment response and a stronger incentive to fight diseases.

 Love cures insomnia.

 The love hormone oxytocin and endorphins are related to the secretion of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, and therefore naturally promotes rest. It has also been scientifically proven that the process of "hormonal reformation" that occurs when making love is one of the most effective treatments for a good night's sleep.

 Love reduces the likelihood of addiction and quitting symptoms

 Opiates, cocaine, nicotine and alcohol are addictive because they affect dopamine levels in our bodies and dopamine is the hormone responsible for the sudden rush of pleasure and pleasing effects.

 In addition to dopamine secretion, it also promotes the release of testosterone and oxytocin, which are the best combination to avoid and control addiction.

  Love promotes longevity

 Surveys show that people associated with meaningful relationships are healthier and benefit from a healthy lifestyle, including food choices, regular meals, better comfort and less stress.

 The link also helps people deal with physical conditions faster. This has basically proved that people in love tend to live longer.

 Love is therapy.

 People resort to psychotherapy for many reasons, but most of the time it is because they want someone to listen to and understand them. Of all the specialists in the world, the person most able to offer an effective comprehensive "treatment" is the partner you love.

 Supporting loved ones and their passion is the main mental and physiological "medicine" you need to deal with phobias, depression, social anxiety, and physical condition.

 Love and meaningful relationships do not happen to us by chance, we choose to love, improve our relationships and act differently, and finally, we choose to be happy and stay healthy.

 "Without expressing love, the greatest lovers can die," says psychologist Robert Sternberg. With that in mind, open your heart and show your love because this is the most effective way to reap more of its benefits.