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Supertea sire in fat burning and cellulite removal


Many women are looking for the best treatments to eliminate cellulite in the body, as well as burning stubborn fat that causes discomfort and insomnia. Despite the prevalence of many types of cosmetics that care about this end, most women resort to safe and effective natural remedies that have proven effective in treating this problem. Perhaps the most important is tea, which is rich in its beneficial properties in getting rid of cellulite and burning stubborn fat in the body. Hot drinks seem to be your best bet when it comes to fat loss and cellulite disposal, and one possible reason may be the fact that hot drinks may help break down food faster, also reduce the risk of constipation and actually increase weight loss.

 Two types of tea have a magical effect to eliminate fat and get rid of cellulite once and for all, in the following lines:

 Green Tea :

 Boil in a bowl on the fire, a cup of water, then, add a tablespoon of green tea and let the mixture boil over low heat for five minutes, then remove the tea from the fire, and when it becomes a lukewarm drain and drink.

 I would like to drink two glasses of this tea twice a day, morning and evening.

 Dandelion Tea :

 Soak a tablespoon of dandelion tea in a cup of boiling water for a quarter of an hour, then drain and drink.

 For tangible and quick results, take three cups of this tea a day.

 Useful tips :

 It is very important to drink these two types of tea, with a lot of water, and with the need to stay away from high-fat foods, so you will start to touch the results in a short time.