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To get rid of the crunch. Local water with honey

Mixing honey with water and drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning may help you lose weight, thereby getting rid of the crunch, so what's the reason? What conditions should be followed in order for this method to come to fruition and the body to lose excess kilograms?

Drinking water with honey before meals may help to feel full, resulting in a decrease in the amount of food a person eats in the next meal, and therefore total calories.


 For example, a cup of sugar-sweetened soft drinks (250 ml) contains about 96 calories, and about 25 grams of sugar.

 In contrast, the same amount of sweetened water with a teaspoon of honey contains about 21 calories, and about 6 grams of sugar.

According to Deutsche Welle, some studies have suggested that eating honey, even in a small amount, gives a feeling of satiety, so doctors recommend dissolving a spoonful of honey in water and eating it daily for those who want to lose weight, as honey controls areas of the brain that stimulate the sense of need for sugar, according to Deutsche Welle.

 An alternative energy drink :

 The Deutsche Welle report says that markets offer many of the drinks they call "energy drinks", but they are not really free of harmful substances. Honey is one of the best energy drinks, as water-diluted honey contains many useful nutrients, and it is consumed in the morning and provides energy to the body throughout the day.

It is recommended to drink water-diluted honey in the morning before breakfast as a source of energy and water supply.

But alert you to the following to take advantage of the local water with honey for weight loss:

You should not overstate the honey, it is enough to put one teaspoon of honey in the cup once.

 Reduce calories from other foods.

 Brush your teeth because honey is rich in sugar, which is a major cause of tooth decay.