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Banana Diet The Secret of Japanese Agility


Bananas have wholesale benefits, but what about the banana diet that has been known in Japan for more than a decade, noting that there is growing interest in it in many parts of the world?

 In 2008, the Japanese introduced the banana diet, which is listed under the category of fast diets for weight loss, for its high ability to improve digestion and enriched with metabolic enzymes, especially when eating fruit from it after waking up, which helps to secrete the hormone colististocin, which is the main responsibility for curbing appetite. The hormone in question sends alarm signals to the nervous system, which makes one feel full for a long time, and therefore leads to weight loss. Bananas are also full of soluble fiber, which helps the digestive system absorb the water available in its fruits, thus slowing the digestion of food, and keeping food for as long as possible in the stomach.


 Bananas are high in water, which accounts for approximately 75% of its weight, and 23% of sugars, but lacks protein and fat. Bananas are rich in minerals that are useful in controlling blood pressure levels, such as potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins that contribute to keeping the immune system healthy.

 The banana diet program is based on three main meals a day, with water in abundance between meals. It lasts for three days and ends its drinking of caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea...) , so that the blood sugar level stabilizes.

Dietary meals include:

Ø    Breakfast: 2 fruits of bananas, with a glass of warm skim milk.

Ø   First snack: 3 cups of water.

Ø   Food: 2 fruits of bananas, with a cup of skim milk.

Ø   Second snack: 3 cups of water.

Ø   Dinner: Banana juice and skim yogurt (or 2 fruits of bananas).

 Bananas have benefits that go beyond the entry of fruits into a diet that is based on body weight. Benefits of bananas include:

1. Improve mood, to contain the fruits on tryptophan, which plays a major role in controlling the psychological state.

2. Strengthen the muscles.

3. Relieve pain, especially menstrual pain.

4. Improve blood flow, thereby preventing anemia.

5. Soften the intestines, thereby eliminating constipation, in addition to increasing digestive enzymes that help absorb nutrients.

6. Stimulate friendly bacteria in the intestines to grow.

7. Reduce body temperature rise.