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The most popular dieting systems in 2020


In 2020, dieting systems were popular among celebrities and ranked first in social media search, so what are the most popular dieting systems in 2020?

Diet Sertvod:

Sertfood Diet or Adal Diet is one of the most popular diets for 2020.

Ranked first in the 2020 Diet Regulations List. It is one of the modern dietary systems, which has gained popularity among western celebrities, especially English singer Adele, who surprised the audience when she appeared to have lost about 45 kilograms of weight.

Sirtuin is based on the operation of the "thinness gene", by eating food rich in Sirtuin, a group of 7 types of proteins present in the body, which have been shown to perform a range of functions, including stimulating metabolism, reducing inflammation and longevity.

Seafood is highly effective in weight loss, up to 7 kg in a week, as well as burning the body's accumulated fat. It also maintains the muscle mass in the body. To enhance the effectiveness of this diet, it is important to adhere to 1,000 calories per day, with the latter,, gradually increasing.

Quito Diet:

Quito Diet is one of the diets that address the main causes of weight gain.

Quito Diet is second, ranking in 2020. It is a diet that addresses the main causes of weight gain.

One of the advantages of the "keto diet" is that it does not restrict the follower after the calories consumed, but he understands the way the body works. The latter secretes ketones, which burn fat more effectively than carbohydrates. The diet calls for fat intake (70%) Protein (25%) Carbohydrates (5%), the fat intake of at least 50 grams per day, as a fat replacement with carbohydrates helps in the process of burning fat accumulated in the body, effectively. After a short time, the body begins to use healthy fats (saturated and monounsaturated, especially omega-3 acid, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocado oil,, and butter made from cow's milk). 3) Fatty, carb-free, as well as poultry (turkey, chicken, chicken, fur, geese, ducks), eggs and rice, and fish (tuna, trout, hatchet, mackerel, salmon, sardines,, and seabass); Consequently, weight loss is achieved.

On the other hand, you should eat more leafy vegetables, such as dandelion, atomic vegetables, such as leeks, mustard, turnips, watercress, fennel, lettuce and spinach.

Mediterranean Diet:

Mediterranean diet does not require a calorie counting follower.

Ranked third on the list of the most popular dieting systems for 2020.

This diet is easy to apply, so it doesn't require a follower to count calories or delete a certain group of foods. It consists of fruits, vegetables, pulses (chickpeas, beans, lentils),, and fresh and organic nuts, to be different from canned and processed foods. Note that no more than a fist of nuts should be consumed, per day.

Pasta, rice,, and whole-grain bread are part of daily food, with a view to the white flour processed flour and its products. Olive oil is also the main source of fat, as well as nuts, olives,, and avocados. One of the rules of diet is to eat fish with an abundance of fatty omega-3 acids, as well as the frequent use of thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, basil, anise, garlic,, and pepper in dishes, to the richness of herbs and spices mentioned with healthy antioxidants.

The The mediterranean diet calls for moderation in the consumption of red meat, originating from grass-fed livestock, and for rationing of dairy products. Preferred options include: Greek yogurt, goat and sheep milk products, and should be rationed in sugar or removed from daily nutrition, replaced fresh fruit sits in it.

Protein Diet:

This diet is packed with proteins that are few nutrients in their saturated fat and calorie content. This diet calls for protein-rich foods, available in fat-free red meat, seafood, beans,, and soy, as well as low-fat dairy products, eggs, nuts and seeds.


In the same vein, diversification of protein-containing foods is critical. For example, you can eat salmon or any other fish rich in omega-3 acids, as well as the consumption of beans or lentils that provide the body with an important amount of fiber, as well as protein, as well as the addition of a few walnuts to the salad dish, or almonds to oatmeal.

Individuals with liver or kidney diseases should see a doctor before proceeding with a "protein diet".

Atkins diet:

Aikens is one of the most popular systems among celebrities, for its effectiveness in losing weight at remarkable speed, without notice of hunger. Atkins focuses on protein products, healthy fats, as a major source of energy, which keeps the body in a state of fat burning, while calling for a reduction in carbohydrate intake, particularly on fiber-rich vegetables.

In the diet mentioned, 4 main stages:

Stage 1: Consumption (fat conversion to the main energy source, beginning to lose weight, by eating a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates, daily, for two weeks).

Stage 2: Weight loss (add how much carbohydrates are allowed to be consumed to 5 grams per week).

Stage 3: Before weight is fixed, the number of carbohydrates allowed to be consumed can be increased to 10 grams per week.

Stage 4: Weight stabilization, i.e. turning the Atkins system into a healthy lifestyle, after identifying how much carbohydrates are right for the individual.

Low-carb diet:

Low-carcinoid diet, or le carp diet, is a protein-rich diet found in red meat, poultry meat, fish and eggs, and some non-starchy vegetables. On the other hand, the diet tracker in question should reduce the intake of cereals, legumes, fruits, bread, sweets, pasta, rice, bulgur, cereals (chickpeas, beans, lentils and beans), as well as starchy vegetables and starchy fruits, as well as nuts and sometimes seeds.

Carbohydrates can be simple or complex; simple refined carbohydrates include food sugar, and simple natural carbohydrates include lactose available in milk and fructose in fruits. The complex refined carbohydrates are white flour and the natural complex ones include whole grains and beans.

Although carbohydrates are a major source of body energy generation, the diet in the question calls for its reduction to consume the storage content found in the liver. The body then burns the fat in it and converts it into glucose to draw energy.

Le Carp Diet determines the type and amount of carbohydrates allowed to be consumed.