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Weight gain due to lack of sleep. The problem and the solution


With different lifestyles and increased stress and nervous tension some people suffer from lack of sleep, leading to weight gain, scientists have discovered for more than 20 years increased secretion of ghrelin, which is responsible for feeling hungry, with lack of sleep and stress.


The German magazine "Froenden" explained that the bad effects of this hormone include slowing down the metabolism and reducing the body burning off fat, and the problem here is that this hormone activates its secretion when feeling hungry and lack of sleep.

The German magazine noted that people who do not get enough sleep is not only overweight but also have increased blood sugar, high blood pressure and fat storage.

The magazine provided some advice and guidance to overcome this problem, including:

1- Adequate sleep

One should get enough sleep of 7 to 8 hours at night, while avoiding eating just before going to sleep.

2- Eat regularly

To ensure smooth secretion of hormones, the German magazine recommended regular diets (3 to 4 times a day), with inter-meal periods, and a balanced diet with important nutrients.

3. Exercise

Sports help eliminate stress, happiness, and hormonal balance in the body.

4- Maintaining a regular lifestyle

Hormonal complementary processes occur permanently in the body associated with a particular rhythm, and the more regular the lifestyle the body will be with its inner rhythm.