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Fruit is better in the morning than coffee for activity and vitality, so what is it?


 Coffee is known as one of the excellent stimulants we like to drink early in the morning after waking up to start our day with vitality and activity, but there is the fruit that is a source of energy for our bodies and our health is better than coffee, so what is it?

 The answer is apples, according to a report on the French website Marie-France.

 The report stated that it has been scientifically proven that this fruit is rich in energy and more stimulating to the body than coffee, whether concentrated or not, strong or light, stimulating our bodies and vitality, but in no way providing suitable energy for our bodies and diet. That's why we consume them all day as soon as we get tired every time.

 Apples, in addition to being an excellent source of energy, is a fruit that offers many benefits to our health, because it is rich in antioxidants.

 New morning routine :

 If you used to start your day with breakfast and a cup of coffee, you can now change your morning routine and replace your hot drink with an apple.

 Does "an apple a day stop you from seeing a doctor"?

 Eating apples play a major role in maintaining body health and weight loss and significantly improves brain function.

 In the report published by the German website device, author Olga Schneider said that about the saying "an apple a day that keeps you from visiting a doctor", science shows no link between apple consumption and frequent doctor visits, yet there are some aspects of your health that you can work to improve by adding apples to your diet.

The medium-sized apple contains the following nutrients:

Calories: 95 calories.

Carbohydrates: 25 grams.

Dietary fiber: 4.5 grams.

Vitamin C 9%: The daily need for the human body.

Copper: 5% of the daily requirement for the human body.

Potassium: 4% of the daily need of the human body.

Vitamin K 3%: From the daily market of the human body.

Some of apple's most notable benefits : 

 Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and eliminates harmful compounds called free radicals.


Apples help lose weight, thanks to their fibers, boosting fullness and reducing calorie intake, thus helping to lose weight.

 Apple supports brain functioning, as animal studies show that taking them can reduce mental stress and oxidative stress, thus slowing down the emergence of signs of aging.

 Several studies show that a diet rich in fruits, including apples and vegetables, can reduce the risk of certain cancers.

 Finally, we warn against excessive consumption of apples, which can lead to indigestion.